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Tamannaah Bhatia Was Trolled For Gaining Weight While Being COVID+. We’re Judging People When They Are Sick Also?

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We live in a country where, when it comes to women, the constant ask is that we contort ourselves to look attractive to men. We’re constantly judged on our appearance and forced to conform to beauty standards that are impossible to meet. I mean, if Tamannaah Bhatia can get body-shamed because she gained weight while she was infected with the coronavirus, the rest of us have to be extremely wary. Oh yeah, that happened. Honestly, some people just don’t deserve an internet connection. 

Actress Tamannaah Bhatia tested positive for the virus last month and has since then fought the battle to recovery. She has now been discharged and is waiting until she can go back to work. However, while she was recovering from the virus people on social media were brutally trolling her for all the weight that she had gained because of COVID. Netizens are becoming more and more callous by the minute. 

In an interview with Bollywood Life, Tamannaah Bhatia opened up about this trolling and said that she was on heavy medications that made her look fatter and that people trolled her for it. She said, “How insensitive can people around us be? I was on heavy medication throughout the process which made me look heavy. There are many who called me fat when I posted a picture. It showed me how some can’t see through what the person has gone through and instead, just look for flaws.”  

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Body-shaming in itself is a horrible thing to do but trolling someone who is suffering from a disease that has caused a pandemic is another level of insensitivity. Also, gaining weight is not a bad thing. Tamannaah called it a “flaw” but it’s not really. The word “fat” has just been attached with some very negative connotations. It’s perfectly okay to gain weight, especially while battling a disease like corona. What’s not okay is for people to go around trolling her for it. 

In the interview, Tamannaah Bhatia also spoke about her experience with the coronavirus. She said she was very scared and constantly thinking of the worst-case scenario. Tamannaah said, “I was really scared when getting treated, there was a constant fear of death in me. I had very severe symptoms that I knew had killed others on their way to recovery. But the doctors truly saved me and I should thank my parents too for standing in support. It made me realize how valuable life truly is.”

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