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?? Swiftmoji Is Going To Change Your Life! ??

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Don’t you hate it when, you’re bang in the middle of a scintillating conversation, but you can’t find the emoji you want on the keyboard? That tends to happen to me a lot and considering how particular I am about the kind of emoji I use, this is my personal version of first world hell.

Since no conversation is complete without a flood of cute emoji and I’m fed up of being the reason my friends see that annoying ellipsis, I went on a hunt. For those tired of this life of incessant scrolling through the emoji keyboard, I suggest a new app — the Swiftmoji. I promise the Swiftmoji app will totally make your life better. All you have to do is download it for iOS and android, and add it to your keyboards. Once that’s done, the app will help predict the emoji you’re most likely to use in the given context and show you the relevant one. Essentially, the app uses the words you type to show you the perfect emoji.

So if you’re telling someone you love them, you can quickly add a heart or kiss from the bar above. From the most suitable emoji for a location to an occasion, they’ve got you covered. Ain’t that cool? What’s better is that the predictions are based on your Gmail, Twitter and Facebook typing history. So you won’t find your feed flooded with the balloon emoji when you haven’t even used it once. So go ahead and try it out, I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

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