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Swara Bhaskar Masturbates In Veere Di Wedding, People Get Their Panties In A Bunch

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It’s Monday, and we are starting off this week by talking about masturbation. Obviously, you want to ask why this is a good day to talk about this. We would talk about this any day, but with Swara Bhaskar getting trolled over the weekend because of a scene in Veere Di Wedding where she helps herself out, we have context.

Some very intelligent people trolled her, stating that they went with their grandmothers to watch the movie. Apparently, they walked out with disheartened and disillusioned grandmoms. We do in fact think that the entire movie had this effect on this, though Swara’s masturbation scene had nothing to do with it. If anyone should be disappointed, it should be with the fact that this movie was pegged as ‘not a chick flick’ , but that’s almost everything that it is.

Many have claimed that the masturbation scene was a path-breaking one. What with a woman expressing her agency over her own sexuality while being married. Gasp! It was certainly interesting to see a woman and a sex toy in the same scene in a Bollywood movie. Or even just a sex toy in a Bollywood movie, because we mostly make our women play that role. So, yes, in that way, this was a giant leap. Calling it path-breaking may be pushing it though.

It does look like the movie is pulling in the audiences with a box office collection of 36 crores, but it’s definitely not pushing the feminism agenda. Of course, we’re not saying that every story about women has to scream about feminism; we love a wind-down sesh with our girls like anyone else, but it was certainly worth a mention given that that was the promise.

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