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Sussanne Khan Opens Up About What It’s Like To Co-Parent With Hrithik Roshan During The Pandemic. You May Want To Take Notes.

May 11, 2020 | by Sadhika Sehgal
FI Parents Notes Even After A Divorce

Parenting, as my mother often reminds me, is not easy. Of course, by ‘reminding’ here what I really mean is her yelling around the house about how raising two kids like us has been no less of a nightmare for her, but she had the support of our father, which made things as easier for her.. Now, to imagine what single parents during this pandemic must be going through, or rather how lost and confused the children must feel like is a different ball game altogether. It is anyway more difficult for parents who are separated to raise their children in harmony. But add to that the this situation of lockdown, and it could drive everyone involved up the wall.

And while, most parents struggled to find a middle ground on how to take care of their kids during this lockdown, estranged-couple Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan may have settled onto the perfect solution for co-parenting and co-existing during such a sensitive time. Choosing to move in together, saying it would be better for the kids, and to ensure that they have both the mother and the father closer to them, the ex-couple has certainly once again set #parentsgoals when it comes to taking care of their two boys – Hreehan and Hridhaan Roshan.

In a detailed interview with the Vogue, Sussanne opened up about the co-parenting approach she and Hrithik have adopted during this time and said, “When COVID-19 was declared a pandemic and the news was out that a lockdown would be imperative, Hrithik and I decided that staying together in the same home would be the more intelligent and soulful decision for our sons, and for us.”

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Spending their days with each other, doing a number of wholesome activities with the kids, from studying to letting them practice their talents and even taking out time to read together as a family, the Roshans might just have hit the perfect note during this pandemic. Sussanne shared how on the first day of the lockdown itself, the family sat together to brainstorm over a bunch of ‘quarantivities’, and we think it was a wise move to make.

Furthermore, sharing about the boys and where their interests lie, Sussanne also shared how, “Hrithik has been instrumental in giving them that kick-start towards this. As of today, both have reached level four in guitar from Trinity College London. Hrehaan, our older son, has a band with a few of his school friends, called Bandaid.” Meanwhile as for Hridhaan, she said, “Watching him draw soothes my mind. He is so detailed and focused that it never fails to amaze us. In his head, I know, he is already an artist with his own individual drawing style. Seeing that makes us so very proud as parents.”

After this, as told by Sussanne, the family enjoys some innovative workout sessions taken by their father Hrithik. She says, “We earnestly follow the sets he gives us and the burst of endorphins post these sessions has helped us greatly to not just stay healthy, but happy as well.” She also talked about how, “It’s a wake-up call for all of us to learn from, as well as an awakening to look at things from a different point of view. To cherish the bond that we share with our loved ones and work colleagues. To strive to be in service of people when and where we can, and to practice selfless and random acts of kindness, and to be more mindful of those around us. And to give more time to making beautiful memories.” And quite honestly, we couldn’t agree more with this mom of two!

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