Hijab Row Case: Supreme Court Says Permitting Girl Students To Wear Hijab ‘Is An Opportunity For Being Exposed To Diversity’

The hijab row case has been going on for a while and I am glad that the Supreme Court is being sensitive about the importance of this case. In fact, I’d say this sensitivity can be seen in some of the observations they have made and are making. Remember in the last hearing the top court said that courts will not interpret the Quran as they are not well equipped to do that? And this time around is no different. In the recent hearing, the Supreme Court made a logical observation that said that wearing a hijab to educational institutions may also be viewed as a chance for children to learn about diversity which India is all about.

On Wednesday, September 21, while hearing the Karnataka hijab row cases, the Supreme Court of India observed that allowing girl students to wear hijabs to educational institutions may provide children at an impressionable age with an opportunity to learn about the country’s diversity. The bench that made this observation consisted of justices Hemant Gupta and Sudhanshu Dhulia.

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When coming to the prime argument of the Karnataka government – uniformity in dress code, the Supreme Court said that just for uniformity in dress code, it cannot be ignored that allowing diversity in a classroom can make children culturally sensitive from a very young age.

After hearing the lawyers of the Karnataka government and some teachers from the state who are supporting the hijab ban, the Supreme Court bench said, “One can also say, this is an opportunity of being exposed to diversity. We have students from all cultures, religions… look at the diversity of the country, be culturally sensitive towards them.”

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As per reports, it was after this that a senior advocate who was appearing for a teacher argued that he’d rather prefer a school free from all distractions of this kind. The Supreme Court simply put that it was all about perspectives. The bench observed how will the educational institutions prepare students for the outside world where they will face the great diversity of India – diversity in culture, dress, cuisine, and more. And by allowing girl students to wear the hijab, an opportunity to prepare the students opens up and also inculcates some values.

If you ask me, I resonate with this line of thinking presented by the top-most court in India. It is logical and also sensitive as well as inclusive.

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