Study Says Women Don’t Have To Lower Their Voices To Sound Like Better Leaders. We Agree, Their Leadership Skills Are Enough

Study Says Women Don’t Have To Lower Their Voices To Sound Like Better Leaders. We Agree, Their Leadership Skills Are Enough

You know, there is a clear difference between how women talk to other women and how they speak to men. Personally, I have seen many women who use a low tone while speaking to their male counterparts and when they are trying to explain something to a group. We might not know the reason behind this sudden change in the pitch but one recent study suggests that women don’t have to lower their voices in order to be taken more seriously.

The finding of the new study revealed that women lowering their voices to be taken more seriously is completely unnecessary. The study was conducted by Midam Kim, who is a lecturer at the Kansas University School of Business. Kim asked the participants to compare short speech samples of nearly 12 current and former CEOs including Tim Cook,  Jeff Bezos, Mary Barra, and Ginni Rometty.

The names of the CEOs and companies were not disclosed and Kim also manipulated each sample to create low, middle, and high-pitched versions. The participants had to listen to all three pitch levels for each CEO and picked the sample which sounded more trustworthy.

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The result of the study revealed that lower male voices were perceived as more trustworthy and lower female voices saw no significant change. Midam Kim says said the results show that people do not care much about female CEOs or leaders having a lower voice.

Kim added that the finding doesn’t necessarily mean a low voice will affect female leaders in any way, especially if that’s their natural pitch but they don’t have to lower their voice intentionally in order to sound like a better leader.

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We think that women don’t need to keep their voices high or low to prove themselves as their exceptional leadership skills and commitment towards their work are more than enough.

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