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Stress Dangerous For Your Ovary Reserves, Can Cause Fertility Issues: Study

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Research has shown that stress in women can cause them fertility issues. Yes, you heard it right. The reproductive potential left in a woman’s two ovaries based on the number and quality of eggs is referred to as ovarian reserve. A woman is born with a limited number of eggs, and her body is incapable of producing any more. Endocrinology, the journal of the Endocrine Society, published the findings that suggest stress can affect this ovarian reserve.

The research was carried out on a female rat. According to research, female rats exposed to screams may have a lower ovarian reserve and lower fertility. A researcher at the Second Affiliation Hospital of Xi’an Jiao Tong University in Xian, China, Wenyan Xi, PhD said that using a scream sound model in rats, they investigated the effect of stress on ovarian reserve. The results showed female rats exposed to the screaming sound had a reduced ovarian reserve and fertility.

The researchers investigated the effect of stress on ovarian reserve in female rats using a scream sound model. They exposed female rats to a screaming sound for three weeks and studied how it affected their sex hormones, the number and quality of their eggs, and their capacity to become pregnant and bear children after mating

Screams were found to lower oestrogen and anti-Mullerian hormone levels in rats. The ovaries produce the anti-Mullerian hormone, which aids in the formation of reproductive organs. Estrogens are a group of hormones that play an important role in growth and reproductive development. Screaming also reduced the number and quality of the women’s eggs, resulting in smaller litters.

The researcher further stated that based on these findings, they concluded that stress directly affects the ovarian reserve of a woman leading to fertility issues.

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This research is a valuable piece of information for every woman. It’s clearly not easy to remove stress from our lifestyle today. But we can try implementing measures that can counter it in whatever little way we can.

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