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Study Finds That Despite Low Life Expectancy, Men Will Live Longer Than Women. Yahan Bhi Male Privilege!

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Given the crime rate against women all across the globe, I always used to believe that men will outlive women, contrary to popular belief and popular study finds. Because naturally, rape, murders, acid attacks, honour killing, female infanticide, and many other crimes that significantly target women will obviously reduce the female population in the world. But no, that is not the case and it is believed that women tend to live longer than men, which is honestly surprising! This in turn means that men have a considerably longer life expectancy. But, the plot twist we were all not expecting has been dropped! Recent studies show that despite men having low life expectancy than women, they will still outlive women.

As per a report by The Guardian, a study has analysed the results spanning across two centuries and concluded that men, despite living a shorter life span will outlive women. The report also mentioned the statistical data that around 25 per cent to 50 per cent of men will surpass women in terms of living longer. The study which was published in BMJ Open journal has revealed that men who either have a degree or are married stand higher chances of living longer than women who are spinsters or do not have an educational qualification.

The results of the analysis also found that in developing countries, the life expectancy of men dropped till the 1970s. Post the 70s, there was a rise in life expectancy across the entire population. Smoking and many other habits and traits were credited for the rise and fall in life expectancy. Despite it all, it is men who will tend to live a short life and despite that, they will longer! Is this male privilege? We don’t know!

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But the academics are still looking for better measures to determine the life expectancy of both genders.

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