15 Struggles Of A Lipstick Addict

Anyone who is a beauty junkie will probably tell you that a lipstick is her go-to make-up product when it comes to giving her face an instant pick-me-up. However, even that isn’t a fool-proof remedy to most life situations as a lipstick addict will readily tell you herself. Presenting below, the 15 struggles that only people who wear lipstick will truly understand!


1. You leave your mark on everything, even if you’re not the territorial kind: The rim of your mug, a grumpy pet, a cute niece, a disgruntled boyfriend. Nothing – and no one – is spared.

2. Eating chunky food without staining your nose and/or chin is an acquired skill. And one you’ve perfected over many, many years.

3. Getting in and out of clothes in store trial rooms without staining them requires flexibility and brain surgeon-level precision.

4. Windy days are your enemy. Especially when you’ve left your hair loose.

5. Getting lipstick all over your teeth. There is nothing more embarrassing. NOTHING.

6. You spend 50% of your day fishing out your mirrored compact from your bag. To check if everything is still in place, like it’s supposed to be.

7. You spend the other half of your day re-applying lipstick. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

8. It’s a grim day when you realise you’re nearly out of your favourite shade. So you wear black and a nude colour to mourn.

9. Nothing compares to the heartache of a broken lipstick. Klutzy, butter-fingered colleague who dropped my lipstick: you will not be forgiven.

10. It’s a tragedy of epic proportions when your favourite shade is discontinued. It’s something you will need months – maybe years – to get over. Or perhaps never.

11. You never feel more lost than when you’re at a MAC store. So many pretty colours, so little money… Why God, why!

12. Make-out sessions can leave your face looking like a murder scene, Especially when you’re channelling your inner bombshell and wearing red lipstick.

13. You promise not to buy a new lipstick again. Then you go out and buy three different nudes. A girl simply cannot have too many nudes.

14. You don’t have one favourite colour. So many lovely shades, only one pair of lips. Life is unfair.

15. You’ve got a serious case of lipstick envy. Especially when someone is wearing a shade that you don’t own. Oh, the agony!

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