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#SpreadPositivity: This Video Of A Penguin Having A Chat With Beluga Whales In An Aquarium Is Just The Kind Of Stuff You Need To See

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There are not a lot of things that are keeping me sane or happy these days, considering living in a big boss kind of a situation, with a lethal virus spreading faster than wild fire, and having exhausted nearly all the movies on netflix and memes on Instagram, there isn’t much keeping us entertained. And it was during such existential crisis, that we came across what is easily the cutest video ever, enough to get you out of your quarantine blues and be grateful for nature.

We are talking about the recent rendezvous of a north pole animal with that from the south pole, in the Chicago Shedd Aquarium. Closed like the other public places right now, this aquarium was kept shut for humans but not so much for animals. For an adorable little Rockhopper Penguin weaved his way through the aquarium, and the netizens couldn’t get enough of him.

A clip that has now gone viral on the internet, shows a little one from South Pole, the Rockhopper Penguin, Wellington, make a visit to a few friends as he trailed in front of the Beluga whale tank in the aquarium. Inhabited by three magnificent whales, namely Kayavak, Mauyak and Annik, all of which were as excited at the chanced encounter as were we, were shown circling around to meet their visitor.

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Staring at the tiny animal, who looked like he jumped right out of a comic strip, looking as cute as ever, the whales were caught stealing glances at him, as they swam around trying to acquaint with their new friend, and even tried to boo him, ending up only hitting their face at the glass in front of them. Guess social distancing has gotten everyone good around here.

The official page of the Shedd Aquarium also shared a clip of the incident and captioned it saying, “This weekend, Wellington visited Kayavak, Mauyak and baby Annik, who were very curious about this little rockhopper. Belugas are northern hemisphere animals, so they would likely never see a penguin!” With an impressive 2.2 million views and counting on the clip, we totally understand why the internet would go crazy about this unlikely rendezvous!

Safe to say, our quarantine blues were well taken care of, even if it was for a minute and if holding back humans in their homes means to let these adorable and innocent little creatures out, then suddenly this lockdown doesn’t seem all too bad! After all, why should humans have all the fun?

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