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#SpreadPositivity: Friends Hosted A Surprise Virtual Sangeet For This Delhi-Based Couple. This Is So Heart-Warming.

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Not a single person in the countries infected by the novel coronavirus is unaffected by it. The magnitude of the impact may vary but our lives have changed and when we walk out of this, things probably and shouldn’t be the same. I hope the time we are spending in lockdown is helping us understand what’s really important. I hope that we don’t forget that our environment is quick at recovering too if we don’t attack it incessantly. This period is making us reflect and build character as we have no choice but to cope. All of us have fight or flight instincts and even though ‘flight’ is an easy choice, I don’t think it’s quite possible. Coronavirus is omnipresent and so our fight instincts are more active than ever and all of us are just trying to be our strongest, sharpest selves. And by that I mean, mentally and emotionally. No matter what, we are just trying to be positive and happy because we all know we’re supposed to do something cool when life gives us lemons, right?

Now we have made peace with all our canceled plans, whether you were due for a promotion or had planned a vacation. We aren’t happy about it, but we are also not going to beat ourselves up. A lot of couples were supposed to have a summer wedding and were dreaming of getting to live together as husband and wife but guess universe had different plans for them. While quite a few couples did get married in unconventional and virtual ways, many couples decided to postpone their wedding and wait it out.

So when Delhi-based couple, Gazal Bawa and Hemant Virmani’s wedding plans got postponed, their friends gave them the most adorbs surprise to cheer them up! They threw them a virtual sangeet party and 35 of their friends from around the world grooved to Punjabi music for them.

Gazal Bawa expressed her delight over this gesture saying, “We were very shocked and surprised because there were like some 35 friends from all over the world who were a part of this. It was overwhelming and we just feel so happy and so blessed that we have these people in our lives.”

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I love it how this period of lockdown that is encouraging people to be kind and warm to each other. Like Belinda tells Fleabag that people are all we have! All these materialistic pleasures will mean nothing if you can’t really share your happiness with another person. We are dependent on each other for our basic existence and maybe we should start going out of our way for friendship and love, even after this is over.

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