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#SpreadPositivity: 5 Ways To Be Positive And Survive This Lockdown Without Having a Breakdown

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The world is locked away as a deadly virus claims the streets, infecting anyone who comes in contact. We are locked away and we are anxious. Some of us are able to handle it better than others. Some are stressed and panicking because we don’t know what’s next. When we suddenly heard the news of a 21-day lockdown, India went into panic mode. People were out on the streets, trying to stock up on essentials. Even those who were indoors were stressed.

We know this is necessary and nobody will die from remaining inside their homes. So while we have to do it, why let it affect our mental peace? I can tell I am doing much better than before. Entire day, I am just in my PJs, singing out the cheesiest songs from the 90s because who’s gonna stop me in my bedroom? Every day, my parents think I have forgotten that we are inside because of a virus and it’s not like I have won a paid holiday along with the Best Introvert of the Year award. Yet, when the sun sets and I feel like going out, I experience a drop in my mood.

It’s like how you deal with a breakup. You sulk and drown yourself in sadness. You go on to think of what ifs, be in denial and just refuse to accept until you finally do. That’s when you begin to move on. Here we have had a breakup with our freedom. Suddenly we lost our freedom and our lifestyles have changed majorly. Any transition is difficult to deal with. I can’t even adapt to a different theme on my phone, so this is huge for me! But we have to keep our peace of mind and stay calm through it. Here’s how!

Take one day at a time

When you were in school, did you study your entire portion at one go or did you do a little, every day? If I give you three mugs of coffee, you won’t be able to finish it at one go. But if I ask you take a cup three times a day, it will be easy. Break it down. Don’t think about how many days of lockdown there is. Just take it one day at a time. It won’t freak you out!

Replace words like “quarantine” and “isolation”

These words are heavy and anxiety-inducing. Replace them with words like solitude, homecaytion or come up with any term that makes it better for you. We don’t realise it but things like these work on a subconscious level. And hey, happiness is infectious!

Avoid people who talk negatively

I am keeping away from people who refuse to stop cribbing. I understand that it’s natural especially in times like these. But if others aren’t willing to look at the bright side, don’t let it affect your progress.

Be in the present

Worrying about the future has never helped anyone! Live in the present. Hear the sound of the birds chirping outside. Look around, you’re in your room wearing comfy clothes and healthy. Appreciate the present and cross bridges when you reach them.

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Continue to be productive

When you’re idle, you will spend time overthinking. Plus, with no physical activity, you are not getting your dose of happy hormones. So do a home workout, pick a hobby and get enough sleep. It will keep you distracted!

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