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Former Indian Idol Contestant Farmani Naaz Asked To Seek God’s Forgiveness For Singing Bhajan. What Even?

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Art and talent should never be restricted within the boundaries of religion. It is beyond such restrictions, however, we still hear news where harmless talents such as singing hurt the sentiments of people. In the very recent news, singer Farmani Naaz who is also a former Indian Idol contestant is being asked to seek god’s forgiveness because she sang a Bhajan and it does not abide by the principles of her religion. 

Farmani Naaz hails from Muzzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, and recently gave a hit track when she sang a Shiva bhajan. Her song became a hit in the Kanwar yatra as well which takes place every year. However, this was not liked by the ulemas of Deoband and they gave out their very strict opinions against it. 


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As per the news, Farmani Naaz posted the video of singing the Shiva Bhajan on July 23, and in no time the video went viral. Farmani made a cover of the Shiva song “Har Har Shambhu” and the video garnered many views. While on one hand, the song was loved during the Kanwar yatra this year, it received bitter criticism from the ulemas. One of the ulema from the Deoband, Mufti Azad Qasmi said that Farmani belongs to the Muslim caste and the religion does not allow her to sing the bhajans of other religions. He further added that she should ask for forgiveness from God for doing this, as per the report.

However, Farmani Naaz does not think that she did anything wrong, In her explanation, Farmani said that she sings to feed her four-year-old son who is also suffering from a throat problem. She further said that she even left the Indian Idol halfway because her son had an operation. 

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Well, Farmani Naaz is right on her stand and she has to work for her livelihood. No compromises there.

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