5 Signs You Are A Taurus Girl, And An Amazing One At That

Signs You're A Taurus Girl_Hauterfly

Everyday, my team members and I open the horoscope page and indulge in a little reading session among ourselves. We debate what is true for who, if at all, and then have a laugh about it because who believes all this, right? But then, the next day, we do it all again.

And since it’s Taurus month, my colleague who is a Taurian was particularly excited throughout these readings. But then, she’s a very excitable person so there’s no telling. Horoscope readings can go either way, but the traits of a sign are almost a 100% match. And I have seen this with my friends, acquaintances, or even a celebrity whose birthday shows up on Google trends.

They’re generous, giving, possessive, love comfort, and argue at every chance they get. All this, and more… watch the video above, and share with all the May-born peeps to make their day!

Japleen Kaur

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