5 Reasons Why Shane Watson Is Just Like Every Other Guy, Only Yummier!

5 Reasons Why Shane Watson Is Just Like Every Other Guy, Only Yummier!

As Chennai Super Kings won IPL 2018, Shane Watson earned himself tons of adoring fans, us included. His unbeatable century (along with Dhoni’s captaincy) ensured CSK champion spot, and him, a place in our hearts.

The 36-year-old Aussie player made us go weak in the knees, every time he hit the ball out of the ground. Every single time! And we can’t quite get over his good looks. I mean, that smile? OMG! Yet there are things about Shane Watson that make him just like every other guy, only yummier. Here’s proof.


1. He’s hot as hell, but can be a scaredy cat too. Just like the average guy.

During the England tour of 2005, the Australian team was staying the night at Lumley Castle. Now, the castle is supposedly haunted by a ghost named Lily. Shane apparently saw Lily in his room, and rushed to sleep at the reception area. He later spent the night in Brett Lee’s room, sleeping on the floor. Been there, done that!



2. He can be a bit of a klutz.

At his debut match, Shane Watson slipped and how, while bowling! So much for a first impression, right? A match against Pakistan in 2005, and it was Watson’s test debut. He not only slipped, but rolled over to a point that people around had to control their giggles. See, everyone has blooper moments!



3. He’s one of the highest paid cricketers.  

While Indian players still take home a fatter paycheck, Shane Watson remained the highest paid cricketer for half a decade outside our country. This tells us two things: a) Shane’s wife, Lee Furlong is a lucky woman, and b) India really, really worships, and invests in cricket.



4. After all he’s achieved, he still remains grounded. 

Whether it’s attributing the success of CSK to Dhoni single-handedly, or working for tons of charities, Shane is a celebrity with a heart of gold. Literally quite ‘sporting’, he’s one of the sweetest players to be around. Though, not everything is unicorns and rainbows here, as he has been fined in the past for being abusive. But hey, that is a part and parcel of our everyday life, no?



5. His kids melt our hearts.

More likely, him with his kids. The two little ones are just as adorable as him, and their Insta photos make our day. Hot dads with their kids is what we need on a sore day.

P.S. This article maybe biased because I’ve fallen in love with Shane Watson. Period.

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