Shahid Kapoor And Mira Rajput Got Real About Being In An Arranged Marriage – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Shahid Kapoor And Mira Rajput Got Real About Being In An Arranged Marriage – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

I have had this generic observation based on the tiny universe I live in, that millennials have begun to prefer arranged marriage over love. With the dating scene becoming more complicated than ever (with all the ghosting and situationships), a lot of people are opting to arranging their marriages instead. Sure, if you find love and it withstands time, circumstances, societal conditioning and personal dilemmas – it can translate into a life-long relationship. But that’s rare.

Also, don’t you think it’s just easier when you are getting together with someone who is on the same page as you? Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput are a power-couple and a result of an arranged match. She was 21 and just out of college. Shahid on the other hand, had already delivered his sixth hit at the age of 35. The difference between their ages was vast – just like the differences between the cities they lived in. Mira Rajput came from Delhi, where you make plans in advance, dress up for even a walk down the lane – at least if you want to be in the cool crowd. Mumbai looks like a house that’s lived in – messy but full of warmth. Here, people go to clubbing in joggers (come on, athleisure is a thing.) Will they last? What will they talk about? Today, four years and two children later, their loved-up pictures still make our hearts believe in destiny.

In a recent interview with Vogue, the couple let us in on details like never before. So how was their first meeting? Did she look at him, all starstruck? “I’ve never been into movies, which I think was a good thing because following that first chat, when we actually got to know each other, it was for who we are…not for who others think we are,” Mira revealed. The fact that they decided to actually move forward makes it safe to assume that their first meeting had gone well.

Mira Rajput’s move to another city couldn’t have been easy – you go away from your family, friends and the places you went to while growing up. But Shahid Kapoor was supportive and Mira had this natural charm that made her the most beloved new entrant in tinseltown. “We’ve gone to parties where I’ve known many more people than she has. But I’ve always found her having more intense conversations with people she’s met less than half an hour ago,” revealed Shahid.

If arranged marriage ever had an advertisement, they would be the poster children of it. A lot of people can relate to this, or would want to when their time comes to tie the knot. However, they made babies real quick and all of us thought, when they will get the time to bond? But if you ask them, they have actually bonded more after having kids. They work together as a team and have set roles – Mira the disciplinarian and Shahid the spoiler. “Our kids are the first two projects we actually did together. One year into an arranged marriage, when you haven’t spent enough time together [earlier], you really evolve around each other,” explains Shahid.

And what do you the first thing they did after moving in together? If it was a movie, we’d say cuddle, make out and just look sexy all day. However, even if this actually happened, we wouldn’t know. But what they actually did was divide closet space! And Mira Rajput got the better half, “I obviously took the one with the drawers.”

Of course, like any couple deciding to first marry and then fall in love, they had their weak moments as well. Shahid Kapoor made her watch Udta Punjab and Mira was a little bit skeptical about him half way into the movie. Mira asked Shahid ‘You’re not this guy, right? Is this guy anywhere inside you? Tell me now while I can still walk away!’. Today, when she watched him becoming a horrible person in Kabir Singh, she didn’t have those kind of doubts. She knew it’s not who he is.

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Looking back on the celebrations and the last-minute panicky moments (Mira’s wedding outfit arrived just five days before the wedding!), they were relieved that the taam jhaam was over. However, now that they are closer, they might just renew their vows to those that are more customised and specific to them. At least, that’s what Shahid has promised, Mira said, “He’s promised me we’re going to do it again!”

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