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Sara Ali Khan And Kartik Aaryan Are Fond Of Each Other Even After Breaking Up

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They say love born out of friendship is precious. And rare. And while that may be true, what I feel is friendship born out love is even better and naturally, rarer. Of course, given that none of you hold any grudges and are clear in your head about where you stand. After all, you invested so much in each other romantically and were there for each other through thick and thin. So what if things didn’t work out? Why do we have to dismiss the connection? Look at how strong Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan’s friendship is! Sure, that’s not the same friendship Katrina shares with Ranbir considering all the feelings that were wronged, but it is something. Which is why, when you decide to remain friends with someone you were romantically involved with, it means you value them as a person. Exactly the reason why it warms my heart to see Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aaryan choosing to be friends even after breaking up.

So, here’s what happened. Sara and Kartik met at Karan Johar’s Diwali bash and while the news of their breakup is still quite fresh, and not fully absorbed by many of us, they seemed to still share a good comfort level. When they were all posing for a group picture, Sara stood next to Kartik and he wrapped an arm around her. They were all smiles and if we didn’t know what is going on, nobody would have been able to figure that they just broke up.

Honestly, I liked how Sara’s eyes used to light up whenever she used to be with him. She was making memories, possibly knowing that these won’t last. They went on bike rides, laughed together and looked completely in awe of each other. Sara had even flown down to Lucknow to spend time with him. He too, went to Bangkok to bring in her birthday. They often expressed their affection on Instagram. And well we? We cheered them on. But what if the duration of their romance was rather limited? It doesn’t mean it wasn’t great. And I am sure they realise that, which is why, you still see them to be fond of each other.

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For the uninitiated, the reason they had to part ways is that their love life was stealing the limelight away from their professional lives. In fact, they were even told to limit their public appearances as a couple by the makers of Love Aaj Kal 2. However, they will get to spend a lot of time together again, during the promotions of their film, which is set to release on Valentine’s Day 2020. And as hopelessly romantic we are, we wouldn’t mind seeing that old spark light up between the two! But until then, kudos to them being mature and extremely civil about their break up. Guess, it’s something we all can learn from!

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