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Sania Mirza Became The First Indian To Win The Fed Cup Heart Award And Then She Donated Her Winnings To Combat Coronavirus. This Is Such A Lovely Gesture

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I don’t think I have ever been into sports that much, ever. If I were to be completely honest (and bear with me because this is embarrassing), my hand and eye coordination is so bad that I often injured myself playing badminton and table tennis. So, you see, sports and I aren’t a good mix at all. In fact, we are a deadly combination and that goes literally for me. However, having said all of that, I actually do enjoy watching a few sports- cricket (duh, we live by that), football and surprisingly tennis.

Which is why when I heard that Sania Mirza had won the Fed Cup Heart Award for her successful comeback to court post motherhood, I went head-over-heels ecstatic over the news. This moment will be one to go down in history since Sania just became the first Indian ever to win this prestigious award. She won in the Asia/Oceania zone after wiping her competitors off the board with a whopping 10,000 out of 16,985 votes. I should mention that the winners of this award are determined via an online poll where the fans decide. Which means, 60% of the voters, voted for Sania. This really speaks volumes to her global reach and popularity as an outstanding player.

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Sania only made a comeback to the Fed Cup after a four-year sabbatical. For the first time in history, she helped India qualify for the play-offs. When it was announced that she had won the cup she took to Twitter to say, “It’s an honour to win the Fed Cup Heart Award as the first Indian. I dedicate this award to the entire country and to all my fans and thank everyone for voting for me. I hope to bring more laurels to the country in the future.”

And while we are all extremely proud of her, what she did next really tugged at our heartstrings. You see, as the winner of the Fed Cup, she was awarded USD 2,000 (approx. 1,50,000). The Hyderabadi tennis-star decided to graciously donate all that money to the Telangana Chief Minister’s Relief Fund to help combat the coronavirus pandemic.

She took to Twitter to make this announcement as well. She said, “I want to donate the money that I get from this award to the Telangana Chief Minister’s Relief Fund as the world is going through very difficult times with the virus.” It’s a lovely and a much-appreciated gesture.

It’s no secret that at this very moment we are struggling to ward off the Coronavirus. And there is nothing better than doing your part in this fight, just like Sania did when she donated her winnings to help save lives.

This fills me with so much hope and inspiration.

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