Salman Fans Are Sending Death Threats To Sona Mohapatra Because She Criticised Bhai. *Slow Clap*

Salman Fans Are Sending Death Threats To Sona Mohapatra Because She Criticised Bhai. *Slow Clap*

In all of my 23 years of experience (yes, okay, it’s not a lot but things happen to me, okay?) I have realised one thing, and that is that men don’t handle rejection well. Of course, I am not talking about all men here, but a select few like Salman Khan who’s ego has been bruised and he can’t seem to get over it. He’s, of course, backed by his loyal tribe of followers, that continue to chant ‘Bhai, Bhai!’ all the bizarre, sexist and idiotic things he says.

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The Bharat star and hogger of Eid weekend has been taking every chance he gets to take digs at Priyanka Chopra, who had been the first choice to star alongside Salman in the film. He is clearly upset that PeeCee decided to chose her wedding with Nick over a movie. Because surely you can get married again but starring with him? That should be a priority.

And this has continues to prick Salman who never got the chance to get over that. He continued belittling Priyanka for her choice as he remarked, “She (Priyanka Chopra), over Bharat, did choose USA in the ‘nick’ of time. She has worked so hard all her life, okay? And when she got the biggest film of her life, she dumped that film and got married. You know, hats off! Usually, people leave their husbands for a film like this.”

And while he earned a lot of support from his blinded fans, it didn’t quite sit right with many including singer Sona Mohapatra, who was very vocal about what she felt about it. She further tweeted saying, “Cus @priyankachopra has better things to do in life, real men to hang out with & more importantly, girls to inspire with her journey.”


But boy did that come at a cost. As revealed by the unabashed singer, she has been receiving death threats and ugly calls from a bunchg of irate fans of Bollywood’s Bhai, asking her to stop badmouthing him. And the words they use are pretty interesting as well. But what could you expect from followers of a man who practically exhales misogyny?

Sona Mohapatra shared screenshots of the threats and tweeted, “Such & such mails come my way regularly , from the followers of this hero’ of bad behaviour. ????This beacon of human’ values who inspires such serial toxic behaviour is actually claiming the title of #Bharat , drawing parallels with our great nation, nothing lesser.” We couldn’t not agree with what she said even if we tried, and no we don’t want to try.

Be it shooting down an animal or someone’s reputation, one thing has been made crystal clear that people do offer support to a man despite (or because of) all the sexist and unprofessional remarks he makes,. Not only should Salman not have blown this out of proportion, but also should be taking some responsibility for the way Sona is being treated. But hey, for all we know, he probably thinks this reaction of his fans is only #beinghuman, so what can we say?

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