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The Overturning Of Roe V. Wade Judgement Has Led To American Women Deleting Period Tracking Apps, Here’s Why

In a very shocking and disheartening decision by the US Supreme Court, the landmark  Roe v. Wade judgement has been overturned. The judgement that had allowed abortion rights to American women has been taken back from them. The decision triggered angry reactions from across the world. Now we are seeing the consequences of this decision. The post-Roe v. Wade judgement has created a panic among American women and they are now planning to delete the period tracking apps. The overturning of the judgement has led many to believe that the government will now have control over the period apps as well, therefore creating fear among women.

Many women are talking about this on their Twitter handles. There are now concerns that information from the period tracking apps might now be accessible by the US Law Enforcement. As per reports, experts agree that these concerns are reasonable. Privacy experts have also expressed a similar kind of concern. According to them any app that takes sensitive information from its users should be put under scrutiny. 

Going by a Business Insider report, data collected by period tracking apps being shared with law enforcement is certainly not impossible. Those who find such apps genuinely useful, according to the expert, should not feel it necessary to delete them right away.  Following the controversy one of the period tracking apps, Flo has released its statement saying that they do not indulge in sharing the information with any third party.

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It has been just one day since this judgement was announced and we are already seeing the negative results of it. The decision has definitely created a very tense situation among American women, and this is proof of it.

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