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Rangoli Chandel Called Out Priyanka Chopra For Her Appreciation Of Greta Thunberg. This Woman Needs To Stop

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Stepping into a puddle of muck, finding your favourite white top ruined, when the waiter messes up your order – these are some of the most annoying things ever. But have you ever met someone who speaks unnecessarily in an attempt to get noticed? I knew girl that would suck up to all the bosses and give us grief. Obviously, no one liked her. She never knew what to say when or how, she was a lot like Rangoli Chandel but without the public platform. It’s okay once or twice but you can’t keep saying baseless things every time you see even a tiny opening. But I don’t think Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli has heard of the concept. If you think Kangana attacks people unnecessarily, you should see what her sister is capable of.

Greta Thunberg is arguably one of world’s most influential activists at the tender age of 16. She is fighting tooth and nail for people to recognise climate change and prevent further harm to our environment. After her fiery “How dare you?” speech at the UN Climate Action Summit in New York she received praises from all around the world and rightly so. Some of our celebrities also applauded her with a bunch of tweets. Amongst those was UN Goodwill Ambassador, Priyanka Chopra who said that Greta’s speech was a “much needed punch in the face,” she ended her tweet with #Howdareyou.

A few days later, Rangoli Chandel took this opportunity to comment on PeeCee’s tweet saying that there are multiple people even in India working with all their might to save the environment and they are doing actual groundwork and not just giving lectures. She said, “Dear PC nice to have u back, Yes this young woman is doing great work, magar hamare desh mein bhi bahut log tan man dhan se environment keliye kaam kar rahe hain,sirf lecture nahin de rahe results laa rahe hain… unkeliye bhi kabhi kuch payaar ke shabd bol dijiye…acha lagega.” (Dear PC nice to have you back, Yes, this young woman is doing great work, but even in our country there are a lot of people who are working tirelessly for the environment, they aren’t just giving lectures they are also getting results… Say a few good things about them too sometimes… we will feel good)

Okay look, we aren’t saying people in our country shouldn’t support our own activists but ask yourselves this, was this tweet by Rangoli really needed? What was even the point? Being the UN Goodwill Ambassador Priyanka has given more back to the community than anyone. So instead of bringing down a good deed, how about you try a little appreciation next time? I’ve heard it goes a longer way.

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