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Rajasthan Man Forced To Drive His Daughter’s Corpse For 85Kms After Numerous Ambulances Quoted Exorbitant Fees

May 26, 2021 | by Mitali Shah

The sheer devastation wreaked by this pandemic has brought our entire healthcare system to its knees. Let’s face it. Our frontline workers are overworked, doctors and nurses are in need of respite and the lack of infrastructure and life-saving resources is making it increasingly difficult for infected people to fight the virus. However, there is something more sinister at play. You see, If all these atrocities weren’t bad enough, there are a few people who are taking advantage of this dire situation. Ambulance drivers and providers, for instance. Tell me something why are ambulances so insanely expensive amid a pandemic? Recently, a man in Rajasthan had to drive his deceased daughter’s corpse to his hometown because he could not afford the exorbitant fees of an ambulance. Cashing in on someone’s grief and helplessness in this manner is inhumane.

This heartbreaking story went viral on social media after images of a father driving his daughter’s corpse surfaced. The dead body of the girl was tied to the car seat by the seat belt. Allegedly, the father didn’t have a choice since the ambulance drivers were asking for Rs 16000-35000 to drive the body of the girl for a distance of 85kms. Since he could not afford to pay so much, he decided to drive his daughter’s body himself.

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The deceased girl, identified as Seema, was admitted to a hospital in Kota on April 24th after she contracted the coronavirus. She passed away on Sunday. Her father contacted various ambulance drivers to drive her body back to their hometown, Jhalawar, but they all quoted exorbitant prices that the father simply could not afford. Reportedly, the government has fixed the prices of ambulances. This is just horrifying and a complete rip off.

Left without a choice, Seema’s father tied her dead body to the front seat of his car and drove it back home himself. The district collector of the Kota Ujjawal Rathod has intervened and announced that his office will hold an investigation into these ambulance drivers.

Ambulance prices need to be brought down. This isn’t the first time people have had to carry the corpse’s of their loved ones by themselves because they could not afford an ambulance. These prices are madness and no one should have to go through what this man went through. Taking advantage of people’s grief in this way is shameful and inhumane.

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Mitali Shah

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