Raj Kundra Shares A Witty Meme On Karwa Chauth. Urges Men To Follow His Suit And Keep A Fast For Their Wives.


There are certain traditions glorified by movies and the patriarchy of it gets brushed under the carpet. And our festivals are rife with these so called rituals. A father doing a kanyadaan of his daughter, or a woman changing her name to adopt her husband’s name, there is a list of cultural heritage practices that I am of the view of simply discarding, all because they propagate a culture of inequality. And while Karvachauth could quite as easily sit on top of the list of festivals that celebrate women being treated as second class citizens, I think the way my parents put a twist to it has had a great influence on me, actually making me fond of the festival.

You see, every year since the two have been married (29 years, that is), never has my mother kept the fast all by herself. Like a loving, doting husband, my father with a view that his longevity would mean nothing if not accompanied by my mother’s, gives her company and fasts along side her. And that thought and effort in itself, is enough for me to know that moving towards equality or feminism doesn’t always have to be ugly, sometimes it can be this simple and beautiful.

And turns out, my parents aren’t the only ones to be doing this, considering another couple that has been celebrating Karwa chauth in just as heartening a manner is – Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra, wherein Raj Kundra too, keeps a fast for his wife every year without fail since 11 years. Yes, this is true. And no, he does not have an eligible brother.

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Cracking us up with his witty caption and impressive photoshop skills, Raj Kundra has delighted all of us with his recent Instagram post that shows a collage of his picture with Shilpa Shetty, as she looks at him through a channi. Using the famous format of “What men think women see” vs “what they actually see”, where he has replaced his face with that of a vada pav, his meme is already winning hearts.

He captioned it as, “To all you wonderful ladies out there and the caring men, wishing you a Happy Karwa Chauth. Make sure you drink plenty of water to see you through the day.” He then went on to urge men to take part in it by fasting with their wives. He wrote, “Men try fasting with your wife it saves you from their hanger spells, brings equality and above all increases the love. 11 years and fasting,” and honestly, it was the cutest thing ever.

This year, as your wife keeps a fast for your good health and long life, remind yourself of just how lucky you are to have her, and pitch in by keeping a fast, because her long life, health and prosperity should be equally important. Besides, change begins at home. We are learning from the Kundras!

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