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Priyanka Chopra’s Recent Green Orb Outfit Inspired A Series Of Memes. Best Part? Priyanka Joined In On The Fun Too!

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The thing about making a joke is that you should also know how to take one. A fact that I learnt very early on in my life, after being branded the vibe killer of every party, where I would throw a fit each time someone would make fun of me in good spirits. Although, thanks to growing up with a big brother who was relentless in taking my case, I mastered the art of taking a joke on myself, and honestly enjoying it too. Something we recently saw Priyanka Chopra doing after she posted a series of memes of herself on her Instagram account.

The global sensation who was last seen in the film The White Tiger, was part of some super crazy and hilarious meme inspired by one of her recent looks, where the actress can be seen wearing a unique ball-like dress by Halpern in a reel where she donned 3 other looks along with famous dog ‘Tika the Iggy’.

While Tika may have found the look to be ‘oh so vogue’, netizens settled on adjectives that were a little less flattering and a lot more humorous. Starting a chain of memes where Priyanka was compared to various household items, and even photoshopped as one in some, the memes had us rolling on the sides. And accompanying us was none other than Priyanka Chopra, who went ahead to share some of them on her own story.

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Acting like a cool cat, PeeCee didn’t just take the joke on herself in good spirit, but also in a way that made it all the more fun. Not getting offended or ticked off, Priyanka Chopra Jonas jumped in to enjoy the memes herself, and boy were there many!


From comparing her to Diwali sutli bomb, to a hot air balloon, a puffer fish and even coining a brand new Pokémon name for her that went like Priyankemon, the netizens really put on their creative hat this time around. Chopra was also compared to a cricket ball and an ostrich and honestly, the photoshop skills in all these memes were as great as her sense of humour. Kudos to PeeCee for taking one on herself and how!

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