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Preet And Neet Decided To Get Married But To Be Safe, They Had An E-Wedding. The Details Are So Cute

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One of the first things that I learnt while growing up in a fast paced and ever changing world like ours was that when life gives you lemons, and it will, you need to be ready to not just make a lemonade out of it, but also to sometimes add some vodka to it and take a shot. However, what life, google or any other human experience did not teach me was what to do when the thing being thrown at you is not something that you can use to make cold beverages out of but a life-threatening virus instead?

Suddenly, as people have been forced inside their homes to avoid coming in contact with the Covid-19 virus, there has been a lot of a struggle in keeping up with the new normal that is being quarantined. But one couple couldn’t keep apart despite the current global pandemic but also wanted to seal their commitment for each other. Preet Singh and Neet Kaur recently got married in times of coronavirus. And if you are now huffing and puffing with annoyance, wait till you hear this. They had their own e-wedding.

In a first of it’s kind, as Preet Singh, a Mumbai-based Merchant Navy Officer and Neet Singh, a Delhi-based woman decided to get married, and in light of the current circumstances, the two ended up giving us not just #CoupleGoals but also #CoronaGoals. We say this after the couple set a precedence of social distancing  by tying the knot over a video call.

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Having set on the date much before we were introduced to the end of our social lives – the coronavirus, the couple that had been together for quite some time now, did not want to compromise on their set date, considering Preet is a Merchant Navy officer and by the time things open up, he may have to report for duty. And so they decided to go ahead with the wedding. Hosting a unique virtual wedding ceremony, with friends and family, with the bride and groom taking their vows on a video call, this was a one of the kind affair.

What was even more surprising that both the families didn’t just readily agree to the idea, but also understood the gravity of the situation we are currently in the middle of. And so, as life came full circle for them, for they met online and eventually got married online too, the couple plans to visit a Gurudwara soon after the lock down is lifted, to seek blessings from Waheguruji, as per Sikh tradition.

When asked about their plans for a honeymoon, the two answered saying how they’d like to wait to see what countries are safe to travel to, and if not, they’d be more than happy to spend their honeymoon in the comfort of their home, together. Guess, we all could learn a thing or two from this couple, that somehow found a middle ground between love and coronavirus!

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