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Police In Pune Perform Kanyadaan At A Wedding Because The Bride’s Parents Couldn’t Make It Due To The Lockdown. We Love This

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So everyone is all lined up at the liquor shops, huh? Who knew that would be the place people would be at? Oh wait, maybe we all did. But till yesterday, people were doing their best to turn into stay-at-home heroes while doctors and medical staff is working wonders at the war front in hospitals. And if there has been one clan that has seemingly stepped up their game and surprised us so with their thoughtfulness during all this chaos, it has been the police. From stepping out of their houses everyday to ensure others are safe inside, the police, across all states, has shown great responsibility and courage to do what they have been doing, but even more than that, shown great compassion and versatility in their actions.

With everything else put on hold and shut down, as even the basic activities turn into a far fetched dream, the police in Pune recently facilitated a marriage of a marketing professional and a doctor on Saturday. Catching us off guard, the Covid-19 outbreak nipped almost every plan anyone had for the year 2020, including this couple’s plan to get married in Uttarakhand’s Dehradun, on May 2. Of course, it was a distant dream.

However, still adamant on tying the knot with each other on the set date, the couple named Aditya Bisht and doctor Neha Kushwaha were surprised by just how supportive the police was to them in entire scenario, considering they happily agreed not just to facilitate the wedding, but also to perform the kanyadaan ritual because the girl’s parents couldn’t make it due to the lockdown.

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Talking about this unusual wedding, Officer Prasad Lonare said, “Last month Aditya’s father Devendra Bisht called up the Pune police control room to get information on whether the couple can go to Dehradun during the lockdown. He got my number as I am the nodal officer for Hadapsar police station. “When we told him movement during lockdown for this purpose was not possible, Devendra Bisht asked us if police could help them get married here. I spoke to my seniors who gave permission.”

He further continued and said, “We helped with all arrangements for the wedding at a hall here, and a colleague Manoj Patil and his wife gave away the bride as per marriage rituals. The parents joined through video call from Nagpur and Dehradun. ” Aditya’s father is a retired Army colonel, while Kushwaha’s father was working as a doctor in AIIMS Nagpur fighting the COVID-19 outbreak even after retiring.

The couple was as surprised as we were, said, “We got engaged in February and were supposed to get married on May 2 in Dehradun. But the lockdown ruined all the plans.  However, the help API Lonare and his team extended
was unimaginable. We will aways be grateful to them,” and we can imagine why. Not only has the police been diligently working towards keeping everyone safe, but they have also been working hard at making life as easier and joyful as possible in such uncertain times. From surprising babies with birthday cakes to donating blood in need now now even performing kanyadaan, we salute to their bravery and jovial optimism!

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