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Patna BTech Student Arrested For Stalking And Blackmailing 50 Minor Girls And Teachers

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Technology in the last year, since the pandemic, has appeared to be a boon for most of us, especially for the students. Students across the world have started their academic year online and thanks to technology the process has become much easier. But where most of the students are using it to study and make a future for themselves, there are other students who are using this technology for all the wrong reasons. A BTech student from Patna, Bihar, was arrested by the police for stalking and blackmailing 50 minor girls and teachers in Delhi. Seriously disgusting!

A 19-year-old BTech student from Patna was arrested by the cyber cell of North Delhi for stalking, harassing, and blackmailing nearly 50 minor girls and teachers. The majority of the minor girls and teachers belonged to the prominent schools of North Delhi. 


According to the police, the student was blackmailing the victims by sending them morphed and obscene photos of them. When speaking to the Indian Express, the DCP of North district, Sagar Singh Kalsi revealed that to connect with his victims—who were mostly minor girls—the perp was using hi-tech apps for a fake caller id and virtual numbers from the Google Play store. Kalsi said, “He was calling the victims from their own number with the help of some apps and was sending messages on WhatsApp from virtual numbers for sending morphed obscene photos of victims and was blackmailing them.”

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The police also stated that three years ago, the student had met with a girl who he started stalking using the same technology and method. And one of his many victims was the one to file a case against him with the Civil Lines police station. The DCP further revealed, “He later blackmailed her friends and also started making their profiles. He had also created fake Instagram accounts of minor girls for contacting their other friends and joined a WhatsApp group created for online classes of schools by asking for a link. He also entered online classes of the school using links provided by the victims whom he was blackmailing and was also using voice changing application when he called the victims on WhatsApp call.” 

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The fact that technology is so easily available and accessible now has its pros. But the cons are equally terrifying. The 19-year-old B.Tech student managed to use it to harass so many women. What we need are stricter laws to keep a tab on how the technology is used. But more than that, the only way to curb crimes against women is to educate men and change their mindset toward women.

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