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Woman Shares A Paper-Towel Trick To Help You Avoid Crying While Cutting Onions, Give It A Shot!

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What is the most annoying task for you in the kitchen? For me, it is chopping onions. I guess for most of us it is the same. The unnecessary flow of tears while cutting them is what I hate about it. The task is literally painful for the eyes. There are a number of hacks that you and I must have tried to avoid, like soaking the onions in water minutes before cutting them, or freezing the onions etc. There is another hack that you definitely need to try once. This one has been posted by a user on Facebook. Trina Michelle shared a simple trick for cutting onions on her Facebook page.

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The trick involves just a paper towel. She posted a video on Facebook, in which she placed the wet towel right next to the chopping board while cutting the onions. She further explained that by doing this, the chemical of the onions will drift towards the wet towel instead of your eyes.

She also educated the audience on why the tears come out while cutting onions. She said it is because of a chemical in the onions that gets attracted to the nearest source of water which is your eyes. Therefore, keeping a wet towel beside will take away the burden.

The video received a mixed reaction from the users. Many of them praised Trina for such a life-easing hack. The users commented that and confirmed that the hack was really useful and really did work. They loved it. Some users said that they will definitely try it once.

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So what about you? Will you give this one a shot?

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