Decorate Your Home With Pantone Colour Of 2022 ‘Very Peri’ In These 7 Easy Ways

Decorate Your Home With Pantone Colour Of 2022 ‘Very Peri’ In These 7 Easy Ways

Trends are always welcomed and when it’s about the colour of the year, then I am all up to hear. Describing its new shade of the year 2022, as carefree and daring, Pantone unites two beautiful hues of periwinkle blue and violet-red undertones as it names the shade of the hour — Very Peri. Definitely, a colour that had its share of reign in the second half of 2021, I am excited to watch the trends it will fuel the next year as well. Serving as an expression of global culture, the shade has scripted history with being the first-ever time the Pantone colour of the year educational colour program, has produced a new shade.

With the ongoing semi-indoor lifestyle, I am sure we all wish to incorporate the fresh colour into every corner of our little paradise (home sweet home). And if like me you too, get a little extra overwhelmed as you drive your cart through the many aisles of Home Centre, then check out this list of products in the shade of the year and add a pinch of the trend to your home.

Pomegranate Jar

It was not very long ago when the popular red fruit, made it to the corner of every home. Offering a quirky silhouette to vases and containers, this pomegranate jar with gold detail is perfect for at-home servings. Click here to shop.


Flowers are always a yes. Adding a hint of colour to mundane grey walls, the bunch promises to add freshness. Floral arrangements are a tried and tested way to uplift your interior in seconds. Click here to shop.



We know the shade very peri can be a little too OTT for the curtains, hence here’s the time to experiment with the choice of fabric. Sheer and chic, these solid tulle curtains in the colour of the year 2022, can be an addition to your windows. Click here to shop.

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Half Plate

A platter to support all your delectable lockdown food experiments, half plates urge to look attractive too. Apt for food display at parties, the plate can add to your kitchen décor as well. Click here to shop.


Cup and Saucer Set

Perfect for high tea evenings, the beautiful florals come with a pinch of very peri on the white surface. The antique teacup set with hand-painted design is a sign that we too must start with our china collection to obsess over like Monica from Friends.
Click here to shop.


A great add-on for smaller apartments, pouffes are versatile, portable and of course too cute. With the ongoing semi-bohemian home décor trend, the idea of crochet or knitted pouffe is making its way to many homes, dipped in some great colours. Click here to shop.


One thing that the pandemic has taught us is to fall in love with the world of gardening. Taking away a good percentage of our total income, the idea of sprucing up home interiors has added to an increased number of indoor plants. With definite benefits for health, plants potted well in fun planter sets add a character to your living room, and when it comes to the idea of sustainability I can’t think of a reason to not buy it. Click here to shop.

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