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Oxford Dictionary Includes Interesting Words Like Chutzpadik And Manspreading To Its List. We Can’t Wait To Use Them!

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One of my favorite pastimes when I was younger (it still is!) was reading through a dictionary. And yes, it was exactly as nerdy as it sounds. You see, I would love to pick up a dictionary when I’d have free time, open a randomly selected page, keep my finger on an aleatory word and learn its meaning. It used to be my guilty pleasure and also my first cue at realising my deep fascination with vocabulary. So naturally, Oxford and I go way back, and on occasion I still do try and keep up with my rendezvous with it. Like keeping tabs on the new words that get introduced in it every year.

This year too, in the latest update of the Oxford English Dictionary, there were a bunch of new words that scored a place in the Dictionary. For the words that made it, it’s pretty impressive and probably equivalent to us millennials getting a verified badge to next our name on Instagram. And the kind of words that have made their way to legitimacy this time around are rather unforeseen but to think of it, well-deserving.

Words like ‘chutzpadik’, ‘noonie’, ‘awesomesauce’, ‘mouthie’, ‘manspreading’, ‘Brexit’ and a few more got welcomed in the dictionary updates and vouch to be more relatable to recent times. As for the meanings, we were pretty impressed by the kind of diversity we saw in the list of words added this year! ‘Chutzpadik’, which seemed like the most exotic word from the lot means very self-confident, ‘noonie’ refers to the female genitals, ‘awesomesauce’ meant extremely good, while ‘mouthie’ means a person’s mouth.

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‘Manspreading’, as fairly anticipated, meant the practice whereby a man adopts a sitting position by spreading his legs wide apart, in a way to encroach adjacent seats on public transport or establishment. ‘Brexit’, referred to the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, and even the word ‘Side hug’ made it and thus became dictionary-official!

A few other light-hearted words that were also included this year were ‘cat café’, ‘onboarding’ and ‘Grexit’. Over the years, we have also seen a bunch of Indian words get included in the dictionary, including words like ‘gulab jamun’, ‘dadagiri‘, ‘achcha‘, ‘bapu‘ and ‘surya namaskar‘. Where as this year, we saw a lot being picked from the daily conversations of us millennials and the memes that circulate on social media. Safe to say, there will be frequent and awesomesauce use of these words in the near future and we can’t wait to already start using them!

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