Orbiting Is The Latest Dating Term, And You’ve Probably Done It

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Dating terms are getting interesting, and creepy by the minute. And by the time we get hang of one and actually commit it to memory, another one crops up. Which speaks well for both, our vocabulary, and our spectacularly high turnover in dating life.  Lover, romance are words lost to us, and social media is the hero of the dating world. The womb from where these terms take birth. A busy womb, it is.



The latest to join the clan is ‘orbiting’. It comes from its predecessor, a term that we are well aware of — ghosting. Ghosting, as we know, is the act of completely disappearing, and not contacting a significant other after showing leading them on. Instead of dumping someone you have been sort of seeing, you run for the hills. Classy. Orbiting takes this a step further.  Orbiting is when a person you are currently not seeing, suddenly likes your Instagram picture, views your Snapchat story or leaves a heart emoji on your new Facebook display picture… that’s Orbiting. This may happen by mistake and be withdrawn hastily but not before you’ve noticed it.

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You are still in his orbit. He still stalks you, and wants to know what’s happening in your life but doesn’t want to communicate. Uhm… sounds familiar, right?



In the era of Instagram, when relationships are fragile and largely based on liking every picture you put up, this is real. So, if a guy  has been MIA all this while still checks your Insta Stories, then a) He’s a loner, b) He’s dumb, and doesn’t know how the platform works, or c) Stalker alert but commitment phobic. Whatever the case, it’s orbiting.

And if you are doing it, firstly, don’t. Because, well. self esteem. But if you must, for cheap thrills or otherwise, then be smart about it. Hint: don’t use your own account to stalk. Hehe.

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