The New Version Of O Saki Saki With Nora Fatehi Is Out And We Think The Choreography Is Crass And Ugly

The New Version Of O Saki Saki With Nora Fatehi Is Out And We Think The Choreography Is Crass And Ugly

There are some Bollywood songs that have far outlived the shelf life of the movie, and have gone on to become singles that will always make you get up and dance. One such song back from 2014 was O Saki Saki from the action thriller – Musafir, that went on to become the anthem for anyone trying to shimmy their way into belly dancing. It used to be my jam then. So naturally, when word came round that the iconic song will now be remixed for the up and coming movie Batla House, we were counting the minutes down to its release!

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The new and reformed song Saki Saki is back, with Nora Fatehi looking radiant as ever in her coral, harem pants. It is no news that the woman is a Greek goddess when it comes to dancing- we’ve already seen her moves in songs like Dilbar and Kamariya- and it was scintillating. And while Nora is a dancer that will put life to even the dullest of steps, which she did, we think that the choreography may have gotten the best of her this time.

Now don’t get us wrong. Nora slays every step to the beat, with those fluid moves, intense head rolls and hard to miss pelvic thrusts, but it is the entire setting of her dancing in front of  a crew of men in white lab coats (!?!)  pouring liquor and hooting every time she moves, that makes us cringe.

The refined version of Saki Saki however feels like they couldn’t get the choreography beyond those hip and chest rolls, when we know Nora could’ve done so much more. And seems like we aren’t the only ones not enjoying the sour taste of this new saki saki, as Koena Mitra who was in the original song also took to twitter to say, “My song from Musafir #Saaki Saaki has been recreated. Sunidhi, Suhwinder, Vishal, Shekhar combination was outstanding. Didn’t like the new version, it’s a mess! This song had crashed many blockbusters! Why Batla House, why? PS: Nora is a stunner. Hope she saves our pride.”

And we totally understand where she is coming from. Back in the day, Koena floored Bollywood with this song, with Sanjay Dutt party to making this a hit on radios. The remix, however, seems to have left the fans and the the OG disappointed in what seems like a case of trying a little too hard. With Nora, they should’ve known that you don’t have to hand the woman a fire prop or get her to go a repetition of pelvic thrusts to catch attention,  which to her credit, she does it quite naturally and without much effort actually making it look nice.

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Guess, Bollywood never really learns. They have been picking up old and iconic songs only to under deliver on them and leave the fans unsatisfied for a while now. However, the song does show us snippets of John Abraham in action and finally the audience gets something to look at apart from Nora’s moves.The movie hits the screens on 15th August on Independence and we hope the directors did a better job at the movie than they did at recreating this song.

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