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Nirbhaya Case Update: Pawan Gupta Files His Curative Petition Before The Supreme Court. This Is Going To Lead To A Further Delay In The Execution

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It has been seven years since Jyoti Singh aka Nirbhaya succumbed to her injuries in a Singapore hospital. December 2012 was a cold month for it was the month that froze the humanity and exposed those six men that gang-raped and murdered her for the monsters they are. Now ideally, they should’ve faced the same torturous death that they inflicted upon 23-year-old Nirbhaya. But the face it, we live in the world’s largest democracy which means we must follow whatever path the justice system takes with this case, even if it goes all haywire which it is doing right now. But I just want to say after everything that has happened with this case and now with this latest update, my faith in our justice system is wavering.

Do you remember in our previous stories I mentioned that Pawan Gupta has not exhausted any of his legal remedies? Well, that has changed since he just filed his curative petition before the Supreme Court. While he is well within his right to do so, the frustrating part is that the execution date is 3rd March. I think it is pretty safe to say that this date is going to get pushed once again, for the third time.

This does not come as a surprise, in fact, we kind of anticipated this would happen. Though he is the last of the four convicts to file his petition, he too has followed in their footsteps to throw off the execution and frustrate the law, and us, even further. I am just predicting on the basis of what his co-convicts have done before him, but once his curative petition is rejected in a day or two, he will file a mercy plea before President Ram Nath Kovind which will also get rejected and according to the law give all four convicts 14 more days to live.

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The way these men have manipulated the law is absolutely maddening but at least this case showed us just how desperately we need to amend these loopholes in our existing laws. Pawan Gupta had all the time in the world to file his petition but has become so obvious now that they have strategically planned this one after the other just to earn a few more days to live. Did Nirbhaya get to exploit loopholes to earn a few more days to live? They made sure she didn’t.

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After filing his curative petition, Pawan Gupta still has a few legal remedies that like his co-convicts he has not exhausted. The mercy plea and going by what the others have done, a challenge of the mercy plea unless the President approves it. But he hasn’t approved the three that crossed his desk before Pawan’s so…

Can the court’s just please come a conclusion with this case? It is highly frustrating that even after so much so animals will still be alive despite having committed the worst crime possible. With everything that is happening in the country right now, we desperately need a win. We also need them executed so that we can put Asha Devi out of he misery and can get Nirbhaya justice she deserves.

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