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Netizens Share Lockdown 4.0 Memes That Are Both Hilarious And Relatable

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When this whole thing began, I remember just how upset and stressed I was. And I could tell from social media that everyone else was in the same boat. I used to end up crying for no reason, at least not good enough. Come dusk and I would stand by my window, staring into the horizon and into the emptiness of the streets. I would really crave the company of my friends and feel like the walls of my home are closing in on me. Okay, I am dramatic like that, so most of my responses are film-worthy.

For a while, I was on an overthinking loop. It’s funny but I somehow magnified all my flaws and past relationships, which may be part of the same category. Anyhoo, after all that non-acceptance, I began to get better. By the time we were in lockdown 3.0, I was completely at ease.

I just adapted to being alone and finding happiness in the mundane tasks I do every day. Yes, washing utensils makes me happy and so does putting on my apron. I have set a routine, in which I enjoy writing, working at home, working out as much as my lazy time will allow. So when lockdown 4 arrived, I was completely unaffected. Like boy, I am mentally prepared for this to continue for a long time. Honestly, I am just grateful I am safe and alive.

But while I was feeling quite proud of myself and feeling like I am one of those who have leaped ahead, I was so wrong. Somehow, all of us are in the same boat. We are feeling better and more aatma nirbhar, as we take charge of our own jhaadu. And we know that coronavirus is going stick around much longer than some of the guys we dated, so let’s just feel at home. Oh wait, that’s all we can feel rn.

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From lockdown 1 to lockdown 4, we all changed. And as we began lockdown 4, netizens shared memes that are relatable AF and super funny. Check them out.

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