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Netizens Are Keeping Us Entertained With Their #SocialDistancingPickUpLines And It’s Hilarious

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People have different styles of flirting, some are better than others. Some people end up getting nothing out of their flirting style, except embarrassment. Mine is rather subtle and has stages! In the initial stage, I like to be witty and playfully tease the guy a little, keeping him on his toes. I let him guessing whether he has been able to impress me or not but at the same time, I appreciate him just enough so he keeps trying. And then gradually, I begin to get bolder in flirting with him. If we end up dating, then I am very out there. I am very flirtatious and horny in a relationship.

My flirting style has always worked for me. But I also know people whose flirting skills are basically zero. In fact, I know guys who were flirting with me but I didn’t even know because they were so bad at it. But then there are also guys (rare) who are so smooth at it, I feel weak in my knees even though I know it ain’t nothing but a heartache!

Until a few weeks ago, life was different. We went out, met cute guys, flirted and maybe got some action. Not me but some women, somewhere. I hope. But then everything changed dramatically, courtesy the new coronavirus. Some of us really enjoy flirting so where do you meet people. Virtually, right? You go on dating apps, guys be sliding into your DMs, exes tryna come back – people are out of options and they are trying to not let their already terrible flirting skills rot.

The web can be a hilarious place though and the netizens have united once again to come up with interesting pickup lines, in times of coronavirus. #SocialDistancingPickUpLines has been trending online as people use wit and humour to entertain themselves and anyone else with an internet connection. Hello, do you have anything better to do? I think world is adapting to quarantine really well. Check out some funny ones that will get you cracking.

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