Neha Bhasin Says She Was Fat Shamed While Working With The Band Viva.

Neha Bhasin Says She Was Fat Shamed While Working With The Band Viva.

Let’s talk about body image for a second, shall we? It’s commonly believed that the thinner a woman is, the sexier or prettier she looks. It’s all bullshit. Our society has some very skewed and unrealistic body goals. We know this now but society has always insisted on women losing weight, staying thin and then it shames us every time we put on even the slightest amount. It’s no wonder so many of us are struggling with a self-esteem and body-image problem. However, the time to break past these rubbish beliefs and understand that every person, despite their mark on the weighing scale, is sexy and gorgeous, is now. This is the message singer Neha Bhasin is trying to send through her recent Instagram stories and posts. We love everything about this!

Singer Neha Bhasin said that she had to work hard to learn how to be comfortable in her own skin. She also revealed that while she was with the pop group VIVA, she was fat-shamed nearly every day. Neha took to her Instagram stories to say that she weighed 49 kgs back then and now weighs 65kgs but she has never felt sexier. Weight is just a number and in spite of all the ridiculousness we have been fed over the years, it does not define us.

Sharing a recent picture of herself on her Instagram stories, Neha wrote, “I was 49 kgs in Viva and I was fat-shamed every day. I am 65kgs here. I put on weight in quarantine and I have never felt sexier. Weight is a number you can change but shaming one self is damaging and toxic. Sex appeal is not in your body parts. It’s in you.”

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Neha also shared a few pictures of Mata Hari, a dutch exotic dancer during the WW1, and emphasized that sex appeal is not about size but self-confidence. I can’t agree with her more. On the post, Neha wrote, “Sexist exotic lady of all times #matahari didn’t have abs. It’s time we embrace human bodies in their natural form. I am all for fitness but I do not condone fat-shaming, starvation, low esteem because actresses have washboard abs. Judging oneself and others, fake beauty standards, lies on social media by women who may have had procedures, put out wrong messages.”

She also shared another picture of Mata Hari and wrote, “Sex appeal is not in your size, it’s in you. Be you.” Ah, wise words to live by.

It’s time we focus on being fit and not on losing weight unnecessarily. It’s not about being as thin as possible. It’s a shame more people don’t see this. They starve themselves and spend more time gymming than they will ever need. Indulging in fitness is a good thing. But the goal should be to be comfortable in your own skin. Just like Neha Bhasin is. We love her for speaking up so candidly and for giving us an example we can follow.

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