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Neena Gupta Says That She Is Still Extremely Anxious About Contracting The Coronavirus Even After Getting Fully Vaccinated. We Can Relate!

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Ever since the government opened the vaccination drive to include the 18 and above age group, it has been the only thing on everyone’s mind. Getting inoculated is a top priority for everyone. But we must remember that no vaccine makes you immune to the virus. If you are infected, after one or both jabs, the virus will simply have a milder impact on your body. This means that can’t throw caution to the wind just because we are vaccinated. We still have to wear masks and maintain social distance. I believe it’s important to be cautious. Better safe than sorry, right? This is the message Neena Gupta is trying to convey in her latest interview.

She says that even though she has received her vaccinations, she is still extremely anxious about contracting the virus. Just like us all, she is also trying to keep busy by going for walks and cooking. There is a lot of despair in the air right now which have caused Neena Gupta immense amounts of stress.

She said in the interview, “I keep hearing that people got Covid even after vaccination but I keep telling myself that even if I get it, I’ll get a milder infection. I tell myself to be positive. But when I go out and even for walks, I wear my masks at all times. I’m not so relieved even after my two vaccine doses.”

Neena Gupta is as stressed out and as anxious as we are. She went on to confess that due to overstressing, she started suffering from stomach and digestive issues. The horror stories of death and devastation caused by the pandemic have gotten to her and no matter how hard she tries to stay positive, it’s not easy to look away.


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In the interview, Neena Gupta went on to say, “I started having stomach issues. It was very troublesome. I called my doctor and he asked me if I was tensed because stress affects your digestive system. And I said I wasn’t because everything is okay here… my daughter and my husband are here with me. But then I realised that I’ve been sad because when I read things and saw things, the fear that I might get the virus or that someone close to me can die, is still there. That stress continues.”

She further added, “I cook a lot these days, so my mind is occupied. I don’t sit idle for a second so that I don’t get the time to think of the crisis. There’s a lot of stress we all have right now, but we’ve to deal with it and we’ve to be very careful.”

Her stress and anxiousness are understood by us all too well. Even though getting vaccinated means we are at a lower risk, after all the scary things we have seen in the last year I think the fear of getting infected will remain for a long time. As usual, we can relate to Neena Gupta completely!

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