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Neelima Azim Is All Praises For Daughter-In-Law Mira Rajput. It Doesn’t Have To Be A Toxic Relationship

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Out of the many stereotypes furthered in our society, one of the most exaggerated ones has been about the bitterness between mothers and daughters in law. Always portrayed as a disaster waiting to happen, or being the relationship that drives a wedge between the husband and the family, this is one relationship that has never been spoken about without its toxicity. A thought that has only been blown out of proportion over the years through either Ekta Kapoor’s serials, or a few bad experiences. But, seems like things are changing and finally the MILs are coming across for who they are and not the monster-in-laws they’ve always been made to look like.

We say this after reading about Neelima Azim and how she is all praises for her daughter-in-law, Mira Rajput who is married to the Kabir Singh actor, Shahid Kapoor. In an interview with Pinkvilla, Neelima mentioned how, “She’s the most undramatic person I know. Since we are all actors, we are extremely dramatic. I have never had a daughter, so Mira is my daughter. She has got the entire family together. The amount of love, and happiness she’s given to Shahid and all of us, is beautiful.”

And this coming from her, she being the mother-in-law is that much more beautiful. She further shared, “I got to know from everyone that she’s the chosen one. Shahid was extremely shy in the beginning and he wanted to see how I react. So when I met her with her mother, I just felt she is so carefree, so sweet, young.”

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Talking about how at first Mira came across as this innocent girl, but rose to the occasion when the time came, Neelima recalled, “Mujhe laga yeh toh ekdam bachchi hai, kitni pyaari si bholi si. But then, she took on the mantle to be the wife to a successful star and surprised all of us.” And considering how happy the Kapoor family has been in the recent years, with Shahid being all praises for her and always speaking  well of her, we do believe his mother here.

She then also talked about how, “The public persona that she has, the way she handles herself in front of everyone, she’s done it so well. And most importantly, she has made Shahid so happy. And Ishaan and my family seem complete now.” And it is this dynamic that she shares with her DIL Mira that has us admiring the relationship in a healthy and positive light. Guess, a big happy family might not just be limited to the Bollywood screens any longer, as the Kapoor khaandaan sets some major family goals!

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