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7 Things You Need To Know Before You Move In With Your Best Friend!

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Growing up watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, I have always dreamed of moving in with my bestie. You know… a cute, little house with even cuter interiors, and us… and of course, our endless banter.

But just like not everything was perfect in the hit TV series, living with your best friend will not exactly be all bubblegum and candy!

Here’s what you need to know before you move in with your best friend. On another note, this phase of your life will be like no other, and if the opportunity presents itself, grab it with both your hands. Tightly.


1. You Will See A Lot Of Each Other

And by that I mean… A LOT. If you liked hanging out with each other, living together will be a whole new level of ‘together’. The first few days will be exciting, but slowly (and surely), you will need a break from each other.

And that’s completely okay. It’ll give you a chance to make new friends, or even take up a new hobby.



2. Finance Issues Will Be Real

Chalk out a budget for everything. Decide beforehand who has to handle what, who will pay for what, and stick to it religiously.

Trust me, friendship on one side, rent payment on the other.



3. Privacy Might Be An Illusion

Staying together will make you live episodes that you wouldn’t have wished for. EVER. Accidentally seeing your roomie naked is okay, but walking in on her while she’s doing it with her boyfriend is different. Very, very different.

Even if you want some alone time… she won’t leave your side. You will thank God for the time you get away from her, when you’re at college or at work.


4. Boundaries On Guest Count

Your bestie’s friend who you absolutely hate? Well, she’ll be dropping in at anytime, so you should prepare yourself for that in advance.  Talk to her before moving in and and figure everything out. If you aren’t comfortable with late night parties, voice it out and let her know.

Better being honest before than dealing with problems later, no?



5. Disclosure Of Secrets

Though you think you know everything about your BFF, the reality may be quite different. You will be exposed to her positives and negatives — all of them! You will love some of her habits and genuinely hate the others.

So, keep an open mind and learn how to compromise but not to the point of being treated like a doormat.



6. A Lot Of Roles In One

If your friend falls sick, you’ll automatically be her mother. When she’s depressed after a fight with her boyfriend, you’ll have to step in and be the bigger sister. On days she is messy and carelessly leaves her stuff around, you’ll also have to be her warden. A roommate is more than just a friend.


7. It Might End Ugly

You both may realise that living together is probably not going to work out, but that doesn’t mean your friendship has to end. In fact, you’ll be closer to each other, know more about each other as individuals, and just accept the fact that you both can’t live together. That’s all.


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