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#ModernDating: Do Women Get More Matches Than Men On Tinder?

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If you’re anywhere between 18 and 85, chances are that you are part of the Modern Dating movement. Dating apps, text conversations, and dick pics seem to be the order of the day. But what about old-fashioned romance, writing letters to your lover, sending flowers, whispering sweet nothings, and actually waiting for The One? Is it all dead? Do you now have to make peace with “Wanna hang?” texts as opposed to proper dinner invitations? Honestly, we don’t know. But it helps to know you’re not alone, right? In Hauterfly’s new Modern Dating column, our Managing Editor explores this crazy world and goes through the motions with you — all from personal experience. Don’t forget to log in every Monday. 


“You’re hot, you’re Bengali, and you’re a writer — I’m sure you get multiple matches a day,” said one of the guys I was chatting with. And then another guy. And then another guy.

I was thoroughly confused. Being Bengali and being a writer made me more attractive to the opposite sex on a dating site? Wut.

After a while, given how many guys told me this, I was intrigued. What was it about these qualities that made me more attractive? So I just asked one of the guys I had become rather close with.

“Well, the fact that you’re a writer means you’re likely to be smart, and we (the boys) have to think before we chat with you — it’s a challenge, which we love. And Bengali women are known to be intelligent, dominating (something many men fantasise about, and good in bed,” he explained.



Generalisation much? Firstly, I know of many writers who are NOT smart, and how do you know ALL Bengali women are good in bed?!

It was only much later, after many conversations, did I realise that while some of this may have been true, the single reason I was getting so many matches, despite swiping with careful discretion, is that I’m a girl.

Think about it, it’s simple math, really. The ratio to men versus women in our country is highly skewed towards the unfairer sex (yes, I know what I wrote). So it’s only natural that women will get more matches than men.

I realised that while women would carefully read the bio and scrutinise every photo a guy has put up before swiping in any direction, guys swipe right indiscriminately, because…boobs. Yep, the formula is that simple.



I’ve been told by many of the men I met on Tinder that I’m the smartest woman they’ve met, not just on the app, but otherwise too. No, I’m not bragging here.

The point is that if you swipe on every female face you come across, the quality is bound to drop, no? Whereas each person (ok, almost each person) I encountered on the app was interesting in his own way. Because I screened.

So basically, guys, if you’re reading this, know that you’re not alone. Most, if not all, guys get far fewer matches than all the women I know, put together.



And ladies, if you’re reading this and wondering why you’re not getting too many matches, then write to me at or tweet at me @Chat_Boi, and I promise to write a column to help you not only get more matches, but to make sure you meet the good ones out there.

Have you met someone special through a dating app? Did you feel a connection when you were just looking for a hook-up? Tell me… tell me everything! Share your little love stories with me on or tweet at me @Chat_Boi, and stand a chance to get featured in Hauterfly’s #ModernDating column. The world could do with a little love, no?


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