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Milind Soman’s Mom Celebrated Her 81st Birthday With Push-ups And A Jaggery Cake. She Is Fitness Goals

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Wouldn’t you agree that quarantine birthdays can be really annoying? You can’t go out and do spend your birthday you want to. You can’t even meet your friends or cut your favourite cake (unless you bake it yourself). To top it off, you have to talk to your relatives and people you haven’t spoken to in months while holding in your tears because they can’t get enough of asking you what you’ll be doing for your birthday.

Well, maybe that’s just me who feels bummed out at the mere thought of lockdown birthdays. The reason I feel that is because recently, Milind Soman shared a video of his mom doing push-ups to celebrate her birthday with a big smile on her face. Yeah, you heard that right. She celebrated her birthday by doing push-ups and that says a lot about the rest of us. She is living proof that you could celebrate your birthday doing what you love, with your loved ones, and it could really be the best birthday ever.

Usha Soman brought in her 81st birthday on 3rd July by doing 15 push-ups and cutting a homemade jaggery vanilla almond cake baked by Milind’s wife Ankita Konwar. That sounds delicious. She pulled off 15 push-ups in a saree with so much ease that it puts us all to shame. Plus, her smile at the end will just melt your heart.

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Twitterati responded with tons of birthday wishes and called her a supermom and an inspiration. One netizen wrote, “This is much more motivating than posters with 6 pack abs in gyms walls”. Another tweeted, “This truly shows that age is just a number. If you are passionate and determined enough, no barrier can stop you. Proud of you mam, you are an inspiration for our generation.” Yet another user said, “the perfect example of the saying: Like mother- Like son” Well, at least this tells us where Milind Soman got his penchant for working out from.


Ankita also posted a birthday photo with MIL Usha and husband Milind. The post said that to celebrate her 80th birthday, Usha picked scuba diving in Bali. This year, she was supposed to go bungee jumping in Zambia. But obviously couldn’t because the coronavirus is allergic to fun. At 81, she is inspiring people by living her life. And here I am finding all the ways to not work out. In fact, I finished a whole cake yesterday, and it wasn’t even my birthday. But in my defence, I did bake it.


It is not the first time we have seen Milind’s mom’s enthusiasm and passion for fitness. A couple of months ago, he posted a video of her brilliantly skipping in a saree while teaching him. He said in the caption that it was not a new thing for her and he was, in fact, taking skipping lessons from her.

He posted another video a few weeks ago where his mother and wife Ankita were doing single-leg hops on the terrace. The post was captioned, “28 and 81! Be fit at every age #mygirls. Who run the world ???!!!!!!”

She is really fit. fabulous and is giving us major fitness goals and reasons to rethink our non-existent workout regimes.

BRB, going for a run!

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