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Milind Soman Said He Discusses Everything With Ankita Konwar Because They’re A Team. We Need A Milind Soman Too.

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Most of us have been crushing on Milind Soman since we were little and when he got married to Ankita Konwar, we were quite envious. Not like we were next in line and missed the seat by a fraction. But hey, life and destiny could have been kinder to our ovaries. Anyhoo, we’re all for sisterhood and we grew to really like the couple. Of course, knowing that a man like Milind Soman exists has made the benchmark too high and it’s not very good for my dating life.

The couple recently celebrated their second anniversary and it seems like their bond is just growing with time. When quizzed by Pinkvilla on how he has changed post-marriage, Milind Soman gave an adorbs response. “The biggest thing is that earlier I never asked anyone in my life, whether I should do this or that, or how will anyone react if I did something, not my family, even my mother, or even discuss with anyone, nothing, I was never that person. But now of course with Ankita, I discuss everything single tiny thing. That is the big change, it is not just you anymore, there is another person who is very important,” explained Soman.

It’s really heartening to know that he has done that. And that’s the difference between a man and a manchild. There is an abundance of guys who are so full of pride, they treat their partners like a tenant in their lives. Even after getting into a relationship, an immature will hold on to his so-called “freedom” and refuse to work together as a team. But a man knows how to treat his lady, the respect and place she deserves, and the importance of communication. Really, did He make any more Milind Somans? Because a few of us could really benefit from having one.

The couple celebrated their second anniversary in the most original way. Both of them being fitness enthusiasts, they gifted themselves a really good workout on this occasion. Milind Soman took to Instagram to share a picture of him with the post-workout glow and wrote, “Climbed 300 floors yesterday in 135 minutes with Ankita to celebrate the beginning of the third year of our marriage (just need an excuse, really). Today was market day (also an excuse, as stuff is being delivered).”

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Milind seems to be beating Ranveer Singh when it comes to being cheesy and here’s proof. He shared a picture from their Assamese-Marathi wedding and wrote, “My day lights up when you smile, and I will do all I can to keep it that way. Its 2 happy years today, so happy earth day @ankita_earthy .. p.s that’s the only day I remember in the last 6 years that you were ready before me. ‘..meri aankhon ne chuna hain tujhko..’ dont know why I thought of that one.” She replied saying, “I love you with all of me!” Omg, seriously. This is just the sweetest thing ever. They are #couplegoals and #IFeelSoSingle for me.

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