This Trending Mermaid Latte Is What Dreams Are Made Of!

This Trending Mermaid Latte Is What Dreams Are Made Of!

I’m one of those mortals, who just can’t get through their day without caffeine in their veins. And for this very reason, my team has unofficially banned me from so much as walking in the direction of the pantry. Concerned friends, you say? Little devils all of them, according to me. Anyhoo, I was scrolling through Instagram, pining for my hot cup of latte, when I came across this drink trend — Mermaid Latte. The pretty pictures made me instantly want to indulge some more in this sweet-sweet treat for the eyes!

After 3D latte and Turmeric Latte, we get another cute AF trend from the same family, which wins hands down! The mermaid Latte is like the Chai Latte, but spicier. So, everyone who likes the tangy taste, or just wants a beautiful Instagram feed should try this drink at least once.

The blue, yellow, pink drink is literally a mix of rainbow, glitter, sparkle, and everything good.

Okay, not ‘everything’ good, ’cause finding and making this latte requires some amount of skill. When you do master it though, you’ll realise it’s a hell-a-lot healthier. OG #MermaidLattes have ocean minerals, but you can get the colour by ordering Blue Chai from, here.

For me, I’m just going to make my week a tiny bit better by staring at these gorgeous Instagram posts. Trust me, you should too.

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