Men Call For ‘Marriage Strike’ On Twitter Amid The Ongoing Hearings At Delhi HC To Criminalise Marital Rape And It’s A Plot Twist We Didn’t Expect

Men Call For ‘Marriage Strike’ On Twitter Amid The Ongoing Hearings At Delhi HC To Criminalise Marital Rape And It’s A Plot Twist We Didn’t Expect

Sadly women in India are still struggling to voice their rights and plead for protection. Be it banishing gender roles or surviving a broken marriage, women are often attached to tags that never fail to demean them. And with marriage what seems to have taken the centre stage today is ‘marital rape’ with the entire nation exchanging dialogue on the current hearing in Delhi High Court to criminalise marital rape. A batch of petitions filed by NGOs RIT Foundation and All India Democratic Women’s Association sought to criminalise marital rape by striking down the exception given to husbands under section 375 of the Indian Penal Code. Followed by proceedings and multiple rounds, Senior advocate Rajshekhar Rao, who is assisting the court as an amicus curiae in the case, suggested that there was always a possibility of misuse of criminal offences and had the objective of the legislation been to protect the institution of marriage, wives would not have been given the power to prosecute husbands for any offence including lesser sexual offences.

But the answer to the petitions filed is taking some more time. Consulting the Centre to clarify its stance on marital rape criminalisation, the Delhi HC has hit the final few rounds of judgement. Responding to the ongoing delay, the amicus curiae told the bench of Justice Rajiv Shakdher and C Hari Shankar that the “court cannot be a mute spectator” and the objection that Parliament “will take care” of the marital rape exception. The Centre wanted to consult and make a decision so that they don’t present a “less discussed and consulted stand” in front of the bench. Meanwhile these consecutive rounds of hearings, a new hashtag has formed its base on Twitter and it’s the men who are surprisingly seeking justice for themselves (I mean, that’s a plot twist, we never imagined).


Why is marriage strike trending?

Propagating the idea of marriage strike, as the only tool that can help protect Human Rights of men in India. More than half of the male population, is exchanging memes and thoughts about how the criminalisation of marital rape and divorce can give rise to false allegations, followed by alimony and financial losses. Using the term ‘marriage strike’ which is referred to as a movement by young men to keep distance from marriage, in fear of financial losses from subsequent divorce and false cases. A perception that marriage is a financial disaster for men, especially during divorce settlements, is generally believed to be driving the marriage strike phenomenon. While it’s not the first-ever time that men from the web-parivaar came forth to cuddle their rights amid the ongoing matter of marital rape, some recent supporters of Marriage Strike are mind-boggling and we’re sure it’ll blow away your mind as well.

Take a look.

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With terms like ‘gold digger’ ‘feminist’ being constant throughout these opinions, we’re sad to have reached the point from where the world started to unlearn. Asking for women to take the onus of a broken marriage or any relationship while men keep themselves busy with self-pity, is something that shouldn’t be making it to the world today. Additionally the presentation of some unreliable and surprising stats have me surprised, like guys at least do the math well.

I am sorry, but then what according to you is a feminist society? We’d suggest you to read the definition of ‘feminism’ again (it includes men too).

Probably the only reason to sum up this bizarre trend is the rise in false cases on men. And if we talk about the stats, the alarming increase of false rape cases have constituted to 53.2% out of the total, ever since 2014, which is definitely concerning. But what women face in a marriage too cannot be unseen. By no means do we believe in shaming the victim to death, but I think it’s about time that we educate boys first before schooling our girls. And the dearth of these lessons definitely reflects in the mentality of India’s male population, followed by a strong hate towards women who are gathering courage to fight for their rights. While the court has asked the Centre to clarify its in-principle position on the issue of criminalising marital rape after the government sought time to formulate and place its “considered stand,” we hope the law carves a safer place for both men and especially women to live with utmost dignity.


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