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Man Gives Wife Of 23 Years Triple Talaq Because She Couldn’t Give Him A Son. He’s Well Connected, So She’s Stuck

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When two people get married, there are a number of pre-wedding and wedding ceremonies that take place, in order to celebrate the union of two people. There are functions and traditions and paperwork, but when the same two people (now married), have to end that unification, all the man has to do is utter triple talaq and that’s about it. A practice that even though was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 2017 is still being practiced, as Muslim women continue to be marginalised by being divorced instantly.

We say this after yet another incident where a woman was given triple talaq by her husband of 23 years, for reasons that went beyond our understanding. The woman had failed to give the man a son, subsequent to which, the man divorced her.

Huma Hashim claimed that Danish Hashim, the Director of an industry body based in New Delhi, to whom she had been married to for more than two decades and with whom she also had two daughters aged 20 and 18, had pronounced ‘triple talaq’ to divorce her because despite his wishes, she couldn’t give him a son. Because no matter how progressive you claim to be, in our society, having a son is more important than doing right by your wife of 23 years who has no control over the gender of the baby being born.

Huma told ANI that, “He always wanted a son and had forced me to undergo several abortions. One day he was hitting my daughter and when I attempted to save her I was kicked and spat upon. He then gave me triple talaq. We tried to file a complaint but police paid no heed. We sought an allowance also but he gave us nothing.”

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And what makes it worse is the fact that Huma here alleged that despite going to the police and filing a complaint, no FIR was lodged on basis of her complaint dated 13 July. She stated that the reason for no help from the police was because her husband, Danish was very well connected and had political connections. It is indeed a shame that despite a woman trying to fight for herself and her right, is systematically ignored because those in power are so corrupted. She said this after admitting how she was intimidated to even take back the complaint she filed in July 13th against her husband.

As of now, Huma is not going to go down without a fight and along with her daughters has also given a complaint to the National Commission for Women. The practice of instant divorce through the “triple talaq” among Muslims is a punishable offence and we hope that the man gets punished for the same. Because last we checked, law was the same for everyone, including those with powerful contacts.

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