Malaika Arora Gets Trolled On Her Birthday For Her Age. We Don’t Do That To The Men

Malaika Arora Gets Trolled On Her Birthday For Her Age. We Don’t Do That To The Men

I don’t know how many of you’ll have noticed but when it comes to Bollywood celebrities people on social media go a little cuckoo. And I don’t mean in the good fangirl kind of way. People are always passing unruly comments and brutally trolling them for the most trivial reasons. It’s shameful. The latest person to get unnecessarily trolled was Malaika Arora. And on her birthday no less. You see, she turned 47 today and it seems like social media just couldn’t resist but call her all sorts of names and ridicule her age. I have always believed that if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, keep shut. But I guess that’s only my philosophy. 

Women in Bollywood are harshly and, more often than not, unfairly judged. What happened with Malaika really irked me. It clearly showed off the hypocrisy and double standards that exist within our society. I first noticed these horrid comments on celebrity paparazzi Viral Bhayani’s post for Malaika Arora. The post at first glance, was just a paparazzi photo of her son Arhaan Khan out celebrating her birthday. But then I decided to hang around in the comments section for a while. And I was infuriated with the kind of rubbish that was posted there.

The trolls called Malaika ‘buhdhi’ and ‘granny’ and ‘old’. One user commented, “Budhi ghodi laal lagaam” and another one said, “Ab budhape me pre birthday bhi celebrate karni hi, not interested”. Seriously? Yes, she is 47-years-old, so what? Have you seen Malaika Arora? She has an anti-ageing secret that I want to get my hands on. The woman is gorgeous. And what the hell are those comments? Besides, this is not about her age. It’s about the fact that people can’t go around slamming celebrities for things like their age. It’s unacceptable. 

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However, my biggest concern is the double standards that exist when it comes to these things. A few days ago, a picture of Anil Kapoor, who is 63-years-old BTW, went viral. The picture showed him walking shirtless on a beach. That picture sent social media into a frenzy. Everyone was raving about how sexy and fit he looks. And it truly was an amazing picture. 

But my point is, how come not one person called him old? Not one person told him to put on a shirt because “budhapa”. But when Malaika Arora, who turned 47, steps out to spend her birthday with her son, people are calling her all old and “budhi ghodhi”. Do you see the hypocrisy? Or do I have to spell it out more? Anil Kapoor was made out to be age goals but Malaika was trolled. So what? Men get more desirable as they grow old but women start to look haggard? Is that our mentality? It’s messed up. 

This whole thing just reeks of double standards.

Mitali Shah

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