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Madya Pradesh Cop To Give Dinner Treat To The Couples Who Host Weddings With 10 Or Fewer Guests

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Everywhere I look nowadays, people are only talking about how this second pandemic wave has hit us harder and stronger than the first one. Clearly, we weren’t prepared for this. Which ideally we should’ve been but our governments were too busy hoping corona would magically disappear. But we aren’t here today to discuss all the ways our government mismanaged this pandemic. Mainly because that discussion would take too long. We are here today to talk about the things this pandemic has affected the most. Weddings, for instance. COVID protocols dictate that no more than 50 people are allowed to attend a wedding. But of course, like most protocols, this one too has been flouted numerous times by the public. And with the numbers surging the way they are, we can’t afford to have large weddings. However, it seems like a cop in Madhya Pradesh has come up with a fun little incentive to ensure the people avoid inviting a large number of people for their wedding.

You see, a top police official in the Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh came up with a little incentive to ensure that the people in his jurisdiction who are holding weddings follow COVID 19 norms. According to reports, on Monday Bhind Superintendent of Police Manoj Kumar Singh announced that the bride and groom who host wedding ceremonies with 10 or fewer guests will be treated to a scrumptious feast at his house.

This idea came to the SP after pictures of a large wedding in the Bhind district where people weren’t wearing masks or following social distancing went viral. People were dancing and enjoying themselves at a wedding in Kurthara village without caring about the pandemic or COVID 19 norms. As an incentive to ensure such incidents do not happen again the Bhind SP said, “I am going to treat the bride and groom if they wed in the presence of ten or fewer guests to delicious dinner at my home. Such couples will be given mementoes for adhering to Covid-19 guidelines, and a government vehicle will be deployed to pick up and drop them home.”

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However, since the announcement was made no couple has invited 10 or fewer guests to their wedding. Talking about that, the SP said, “Though I have been told that two couples getting married on April 30 are planning to limit the number of guests to 10. If they do that, I am going to throw two dinners for them at my home along with my family”

I wonder why this police officer would want so many strangers coming to his house during a pandemic but hey, maybe this will get the public to host small weddings at the moment. Weddings are proving to be a free-for-all buffet for the coronavirus. Keeping them small or just postponing it all together is the best and simplest solution. Our main priority right needs to be flattening the curve and bringing down the COVID 19 cases. Weddings can wait.

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