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Watch This Little Girl In Kashmir Turn Reporter And Expose Dirty Roads Near Her House In A Viral Video. The Journalism We Need!

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I remember playing make-believe games as a child. I used to sit before open cabinets of our folded clothes and act like a salesperson in a clothing store trying to “sell” clothes to my nani. I even remember acting like a tour guide with my friends when we had gone on a school trip to the Ajanta and Ellora caves in Aurangabad. All these childhood memories hit me with nostalgia when I saw this video of a cute little girl from Kashmir playing reporter and “reporting” how bad the roads near her home are. But at the same time, there was also a little frustration that infrastructure issues are turning even little kids into concerned citizens.

A video where an unnamed little girl from an unknown place in Kashmir is going viral. People are absolutely gaga over this adorable and confident little girl wearing a pink jacket, who is reporting how messy and dirty the roads near her house are. Her cameraperson seems to be her mother as the kid refers to them as “mom.”

She complains about all the dirt, muck and puddles that the roads have after the rains. And honestly, can you blame the little reporter? All that does look pretty inconvenient. The roads are in bad condition with slimy mud and big puddles throughout. The “reporter” and her cameraperson have to walk on a ledge to avoid the mess and document the roads.

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She complains that the roads are so dirty that even guests can’t come over. “Itni gandi road hai ki mehman bhi nahi aa sakte,the little reporter says. She points out different spots on the road saying, “Yaha badi mitti hai.”

Twitter users seem to be taken by this young and budding reporter as they all reply under the video,

Well, look at that road, I would be just as irked as our reporter is! And I believe that this is more than an appeal to the government to improve upon the conditions of the roads and to make them walkable at least. 

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