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#LastNormalPhoto Is A Hashtag Where People Are Putting Up Their Picture From Just Before The Lockdown And It’s Making Us All Nostalgic

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The lockdown has brought our lives to a screeching halt. We all had big plans for 2020 – the beginning of a new decade is a chance to start over and turn their lives around for many. I personally wanted to travel more, explore parts of my city I hadn’t seen before, catch up with old friends, and skip less classes at university. Now most things on my new year’s resolutions list will have to be put on hold, and this time, my laziness is not to blame! We don’t know even know how long it’ll be before we can do something as simple as a spontaneous movie and dinner plan.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably feeling nostalgic about the old times too. When making plans was easy, and cancelling them felt like no big deal. Everyone around the world resonates with this nostalgia, and have started a fun trend to relive those memories. People are sharing pictures of their pre – quarantine memories with the hashtag #LastNormalPhoto. It’s exactly what it sounds like – all you have to do is post the last normal photo you took before going out stopped being cool.

While some have posted pictures from parties and weddings, others have posted vacation photos. Food photos from that last trip to a fancy restaurant or a dubious looking fast food stall are also doing the rounds. But what really has us smiling fondly at our phone screens and maybe even tearing up, are the simple photos taken during some mundane, everyday activity that we once took for granted. Children playing in the park, employees drinking a little too much coffee at their desks, students taking silly videos of each other in school or college, a family get together where everyone shows up, no matter how much work they have piled up at the office.

Surprisingly enough, these are the things we find ourselves missing much more than the parties and the vacations. Post lockdown, I’m sure we’ll all cherish the small things a lot more! But stay at home until then, because leaving the house for no reason is just too middle class, Monisha.

On that note, here are the #LastNormalPhotos from Team Hauterfly.


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