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Kriti Kharbanda Celebrated Her 30th Birthday By Gifting Education To 30 Girls. What A Lovely Way To Celebrate

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I turn 25 next year, and as these things go, my plans for turning a year older are pretty grand, considering they would also have to make up for the pandemic birthday I had this year. From balloons to decor to a custom made cake, I have almost all the tiniest details locked in, and the aim is going to be to mak it one of my best birthdays ever. Or so I thought up until I heard what Kriti Kharbanda’s birthday plans were for her 30th birthday this year. Hint : It didn’t involve a magnificent party, or 30 guests, or a resplendent set-up, and yet it sounded like one of the most dreamiest and happiest things to do. She decided to gift education of 30 girls on her special day.

Making us and our wishes feel so superficial and inconsequential, actress Kriti Kharbanda’s birthday plans this year legit made us shift our perspective and realise that sometimes you don’t need a big party to celebrate an occasion or feel better. Sometimes, making others happy can add double the happiness of your moment and that is exactly what she went for, as she turned 30 on Wednesday earlier this week.

Deciding to sponsor the education of 30 girls on her day, the actress said, “Our world is facing a major health crisis and the last couple months has been a testing time for all of us. I feel this is just my way of spreading a little bit of happiness to those who really are in need.” After all, what good is success and money and awareness, if we can’t as much as give back to the society and do our bit in its upliftment.


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Keeping in mind the situation of the pandemic, she further said, “Unfortunately due to current pandemic, I will not able to meet those kids personally but hoping soon to have a virtual connect with them and have a good time.” This has without a doubt got to be the sweetest and most selfless gesture on one’s birthday, one that is even making me rethink my own plans for turning 25.

Speaking more about her birthday and why it is always special to her, Kriti Kharbanda shared, “I feel every birthday is special if you feel like you have grown in that year. I don’t want to count this year because of the pandemic but I also know that in my whole life I have not had this much growth that I have had this year as a person. In terms of spending time with myself, realizing what I really am. You feel lost amid all this uncertainty and this was that time when I have rediscovered myself.”

And in such rediscovery, if she has found a connection to her inner compassionate and kind self, then there could not be a better takeaway from this lockdown, after all. Seeing what we have seen this year, adversity hitting us and taking everyone down, making us realise how nothing can be taken for granted, it is important to stick together and help each other out. And Kriti, has inspired us to do just that, and beautifully so.

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